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Safe, accessible entryways are a critical need for healthcare facilities. Automatic sliding door systems uniquely meet this need, seamlessly providing effortless access for patients, staff, and visitors. Their hands-free operation and wide entry clearances enhance convenience and reduce disease transmission risks. Here’s how they enhance convenience and hygiene in medical settings.

Touchless Operation Reduces Transmission

Experience the future of seamless accessibility with sliding doors, powered by advanced automatic sensors. Effortlessly open without the need for physical contact, providing a touchless operation that goes beyond convenience. It’s a crucial step in preventing the spread of germs and diseases associated with traditional door handles. This innovative solution ensures that patients and individuals navigate spaces with reduced risk, eliminating concerns about potential infections transmitted through common touchpoints like door handles.

Speeds Access for Gurneys and Wheelchairs

Automatic sliding doors allow quick, unobstructed access for moving patients in and out of the building. The wide path easily accommodates wheelchairs, gurneys, and hospital beds without difficult manoeuvring. This is safer and more convenient than manual swing doors. The hands-free operation also reduces the risk of injuries from doors closing too quickly.

Prevents Door Checks for Safety

For high-traffic facilities, automatic doors avoid injuries from people hastily pushing through swing doors. The sensors ensure the doors fully open and close at a controlled pace, preventing sudden door checks. This is safer for frail patients and elderly visitors. The controlled motion sensors also reduce the risk of damage to the doors themselves from aggressive pushing.

Activates from Any Distance 

Sliding door motion sensors can be adjusted to activate from several feet away. This allows a user like a nurse transporting a patient to trigger the door without having to get right up to it or wave a hand disruptively. The extended sensor range ensures users have plenty of time to pass through the doorway smoothly. Adjustable activation distances also help reduce bottlenecks during high-traffic periods.

Enables Hands-Free Entry When Needed

In medical buildings, caregivers often assist people carrying packages or pushing strollers. Automatic doors allow hands-free entry so nurses can safely guide patients inside without fumbling with manual doors and risking contamination. This also helps visiting families manoeuvre strollers and wheelchairs through doorways without assistance.

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