Sliding doors are an excellent addition to your home. You can choose to install a sliding door on the inside of your home or to connect the space inside your home to the outdoor space. Cavity doors are a popular option because they slide into a recessed area in the wall. They are hidden from sight when not fully closed. You have many choices to make when it comes to choosing the right track system for your cavity doors.


Internal or External?

Whether your door is internal or external determines the material that you should choose for your track. If you are placing the door inside the home, and it will not be exposed to the elements, you can use a lighter weight and more affordable material, like aluminium. If one side of it will be exposed to the weather, stainless steel or another material that will not rust is the best option.


Bottom or Top?

Another choice you need to make is whether it will be hung from the top or whether tracks will be installed that allow it to roll along the bottom. If you choose a top-hung door, then the weight of the door will be a factor in the material you choose. If the door is heavy, you might need a sturdy metal, like steel.

Bottom tracks on the interior of the house do not need to support as much weight, and you can usually get away with more affordable aluminium ones. Keep in mind that a portion of the track will be across the door itself and out in the open. One of the disadvantages of bottom door tracks is that they can cause a tripping hazard. Also, dirt and debris can collect in them and cause them not to function until you clean them out.


Type of Door

The doorway and size will also help determine the type of track and hardware that you need. Another factor is whether you choose a two or three-door panel system. Of course, a heavier door means that you will need heavier track material. The material of the door you choose will also play a role in the type of track that is needed. You will need a different type of hardware and track system for wood doors, aluminium doors, and glass doors.

Many people do not realize that there is so much involved in choosing the right track system for your cavity doors. The best advice is to contact a professional who specializes in installing these systems to make sure you make the right choice. Premium Sliding Doors serves Moorebank, New South Wales and the surrounding area. We specialize in cavity sliding doors and offer fast, friendly, and professional service. If you want to install a cavity door, or your old one needs to be replaced, contact us, and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions that you have.