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Choosing the right cavity slider for your project may be more important than you think! Most common complaints about cavity sliders are due to inferior quality products or issues with installation It is important to choose a high quality product that will last – remember the frame ends up inside your wall!

I just want a cavity sliding door!!

The term ‘cavity slider’ refers to the cavity pocket (including carriages head truck and the soft close mechanism for additional price) installed   within wall framing that allows a door to slide inside the wall. A door and handle is also required – you can supply these yourself or order them through us for a complete package.

So, why choose Premium Sliding Doors For peace of mind. Our design has been tested and improved . Individually engineered components are built to last and sourced from local and sustainable resources wherever possible.

The Cavity Slider

First, you’ll need to work out the size.

Australian internal doors standard size are : 2040mm – 2340 high and either 620, 660, 720, 760, 820, 860 or 920mm wide. We carry stock of our basic model. Also custom size are available

You will also need to confirm the following detail:

• Jamb type – usually pine or rimu; flat for architraves or grooved for wall linings

• Wall framing and lining thickness, e.g.10/90/10,13/90/13, 6/90/9 shadow line architrave or square set (Ask your builder if you’re not sure)

If you need a non standard size, special jambs, soft closing option or some ideas, contact our customer services team to discuss your requirements.

The Door

You choose our aluminium siding doors  for your cavity slider it comes in any colour you want, they look great and good quality)!

Ready to order?

Email your specs to and we’ll send you back a quote.

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