cavity sliding doors

When you install cavity sliding doors in your home or business setting, you will benefit from the option of opening your room space up to include larger family or employee groups when needed or closing off some space for more privacy whenever desirable. With installation of a cavity sliding unit, you can make use of as much as 8 percent of the “dead” space lost by use of hinged doors. Your sliding doors will open and close smoothly and quietly. The Soft Close feature of this sliding door system will move your door partitions in the direction you desire once you have given them a gentle push in that direction.

Different Sliding Door Installation Choices for Modern Room Dividers

Various contemporary sliding door installation options for use as modern room dividers include the following designs:

• Single Cavity Frame. – This convenient single sliding door and installation design provides easy room access for wheelchairs and for relocating furniture or equipment of all types. When you install a single cavity frame, you can select a sliding door that matches or complements the other doors in your home or office, whether they are sliding, folding or hinged door designs. Your new sliding door can be installed to be flush with the door jambs and architrave or to protrude, according to your preferences and needs.

• Double Cavity Frame. – By installing the frame to accommodate double sliding doors in your home or business setting, you can open two separate rooms into a single larger, or open concept style space. This can be especially helpful when you entertain or have guests staying in your home. At the office, you can host larger groups for meetings and conferences when you have larger open spaces. These doors and their operating frame can be customised to fit your exact specifications.

• Telescopic Cavity Frame. – This sliding door system hangs doors from a top track. This avoids installation of any inconvenient floor track systems. At the point that doors overlap in this design, a small floor-based guide is placed to ensure dependable guidance for the movement of each door. These doors can separate or open up two rooms entirely when installed as a movable sectioned wall or divider.

When you contact our experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will benefit from top quality advice, sliding door designs and installation services for your home or business. Our experienced professionals will guide you toward making the ideal choices of sliding door systems to satisfy all your preferences and needs. They will ensure that you choose attractive, functional and cost-effective sliding door room dividers to suit every business event or special occasion requirement.