Double cavity door
Double Cavity Slider – Premium Sliding Doors – Aluminium Door
Double cavity door. Premium Sliding Door system utilises a pre-fabricated aluminium frame system to create a double cavity sliding door. This modern system allows two opposite internal doors to slide into a pocket in the wall cavity. Creating a contemporary feature point for your home and as well as gaining vital extra space.

Double cavity door. Each set includes all the main components needed to install a long lasting. Smooth running sliding door set including a pre-made Aluminium cassette pocket.

·       A unique pre-assembled and packaged double cavity sliding doors.

·       Ready assembled for fast site installation.

·       Also two rooms can easily be transformed into a single space.

·       Time and space saving in your room – gain up to 2.6m² space back compared to traditional door openings.

·       Great as use as a sliding room divider in bedrooms, living rooms, offices and dining rooms.

·       This design allows doors between 35mm-45mm thick to be installed with a finished wall up to 160mm.

·       Also perfect for small spaces where a traditional doors would restrict space.

·       Pre-fabricated metal cassette ensures a simple, quick installation.

·       Also available for masonry and plasterboard walls.

·        Easy access and quiet operation.

·       Also modern and contemporary finish.

·       Crosspieces, cassette edge covers, door brushes and seals included with all systems.

·       Maximum door weight is 150kg.

·       We always recommend that doors must be pre-finished prior to installation with cavity sliding door system.

·       Final adjustments to height must be done prior to fixing trim and architraves.

Please note:
 Architrave and door not included

Double cavity door