Today’s ideal home suits a non-ideal way of life—busy, always in a hurry, multi-tasking friendly, inclined to mess, and exceptionally segmented into various interests. This is where space planning comes in. That is why the utilisation of space, where you maximise function while at the same time creating a good ambience, is trendy.

No wonder glass doors and walls became the miracle space arrangements and ambience enhancers in today’s homes. On this page are living areas that best illustrate the utilisation of inside sliding doors: they create privacy walls that serve their capacity while enhancing the planning statement; they increase natural lighting and adaptability; they help clean up the room, and all the while, your brain.

Below are how sliding doors can help add to a stress-free home ambience.

Suspended Sliding Doors for Open Floor Plans

A suspended sliding door, with no bottom track, separates the lounge and lounge area. This creates visual privacy in an open floor plan. Premium Sliding Doors has presented the inside sliding doors that answer the requirements of homes, workplaces, lodgings and hospitality establishments, even way of living spaces like spas.

Its product offering is a wide range of alternatives: fixed panels, glass partitions, pocket doors, gathering windows, sliding glass doors, swing doors and bi-folds. Framed barn door with clear glass creates sophistication in any space to partition areas/rooms in any residential, office, commercial or lodgings. There is a glass opacity of your decision, and frame completions to supplement your style and accessories.

Glass Panels

The glass thickness is —5mm and 10 mm treated glass, 7mm laminated glass. The glass comes in various treatments: clear, iced, material, smooth, smoked, reflected, laminated and combinations of these. The living areas on this page show how the glass doors suit completely the open floor plan. They create an airy atmosphere in a home—an ideal way to de-stress your psyche.

Premium Sliding Doors provide the most innovative cavity sliders, aluminium door and sliding door system hardware. By maintaining a permanent inventory, we can support any project in any location in the country. Our talented, experienced and knowledgeable team members can deliver complete systems. Our wide range of products includes cavity sliders doors, frameless glass doors, telescopic sliding doors, unilateral sliding slider, double-sided cavity slider, aluminium sliding doors and also timber doors. They are all available at only one point of sale.

Premium Sliding Doors are committed to providing the very best interior sliding doors for the architectural and design Australian market. Since the beginning, our commitment to our clients has never wavered neither has our company’s ongoing pursuit of excellence. Our designs, development and quality have made us leaders in the Australian market.