The versatility of sliding doors is one of their most appealing qualities. It would be best if you considered incorporating them into your space planning because of their versatility in terms of the types of rooms and styles they may be built to complement. Sliding door sets can be used as room separators or even full walls.

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What are Cavity Sliding Door Room Dividers?

Interior living rooms can be sectioned off using cavity sliding doors that slide down a track to create sliding room separators. They are utilised in a diverse collection of contexts. It is possible to section off a dressing area with them, establish a home office, or separate a living room from a kitchen. They may also be used to separate a bathroom from a bedroom. There are various uses for sliding room dividers, and each of these configurations creates a “room inside a room.” Sliding room dividers make it possible to split a room into many sections and regions and modernise and improve the overall appearance of a home’s interior living area.

Different Styles Of Sliding Door Room Dividers

Sliding door room dividers are available in various forms and finishes; choosing what would function most effectively inside your own living space is essential. Depending on your available room, you might have simply one door, two, three, or even four doors. The bedroom and the living area are separated by the room divider seen in the preceding image, which has a configuration with three doors. The three doors are constructed on a triple track, allowing them to glide into one another to form a single door.

If you want to section off a larger area, you will want more doors. The standard minimum width for a door is 500 millimetres, and the largest width that our line of cavity sliding room dividers can accommodate is around 1200 millimetres. In certain circumstances, it may be more advantageous to go with a solution with four doors installed on two tracks at once. Because of this, two doors can glide to the left of an open area, and two doors to slide to the right.

You can choose a recessed bottom track if you have a wooden floor or a surface-mounted bottom track if the floor is made of another material. You have the option of concealing sliding door room dividers behind a pocket, as seen in the following image if you are developing your construction project.

Other considerations

The next thing to consider is what kind of picture frame would look best with the overall design. If you don’t want a solid panel door, your options for the door frame are either an aluminium frame or a frame made of solid timber. There is a limited selection of wood finishes available for our cavity sliding door room dividers and a vast selection of painted finish options. You can choose a wood finish that complements your floor if, for instance, it is made of timber or has the appearance of timber. Alternatively, you can select a finish that makes a statement all on its own, such as a black lacquered or black powder-coated finish.

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