When you choose cavity sliding doors for installation in your home or office, you will enjoy easy access to your rooms and office suites. You will also have use of more floor space since these convenient doors slide into a recessed cavity space inside the adjoining walls. These sliding door systems are ideal for use at entrances to rooms or offices. They are equally useful as attractive and practical installations for space dividers in large open meeting and conference rooms in business facilities or to close off a guest bedroom often used as a family den at home. These modern, innovative door designs also serve as helpful dividers in your home recreation and entertainment rooms to accommodate various activities of all household members.

Sliding Door Systems Versus Hinged Doors: Which Design Meets Your Needs?

Although most people are accustomed to having hinged doors to separate rooms and areas of their homes and workplaces, cavity sliding door systems are rapidly gaining in popularity for such reasons as the following:

DIY Kits for Cavity Sliding Doors

You can buy a cavity sliding door that comes with a DIY kit for convenient home installation. Whether you install your new, stylish sliding door system yourself, have a handy friend put your door system in place for you or hire a qualified installer to handle the job, the setup can be done quickly and efficiently. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers prefer to install their new sliding doors themselves to avoid any fees charged by outside installers.

Customised Sliding Door Units of Varied Materials

Highly attractive sliding door units of timbre, aluminium or glass can be installed in your home or business facilities. They can be customised to satisfy your specific preferences and needs. These appealing and versatile single or double sliding door systems are available as single or double cavity frame installations. When you select glass doors, these beautiful, lustrous room dividers or doorway closures can be made of clear, glazed or coloured glass to enhance and complement your overall interior decor while admitting more light for brighter rooms.

Convenient Half Slide Doors

If you want to install a new, fashionable gliding door in a room or area of your home or office that lacks the required wall space to accommodate a standard sliding door system, the best solution may be a half slide door unit. These units are composed of a half hinged single door with the capacity to slide or swing open and closed. This type of door installation can be customised to complement the older, hinged doors within or adjoining the same room or space as your new half slide door.

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