Whether you’re a label-lover with a closet to die for or you just like to keep your clothing organised, a walk-in closet is a desirable addition to any house. Even if you just want to keep your clothes organised, a walk-in closet is desirable.

It’s not as difficult as you may think to obtain one that would make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy if you just give it a little bit of consideration and organise your area out carefully. So before you start looking at different designs for walk-in closets, here are some of the most important things you should know.

Space is God

Think about removing a few inches from the footprint of an existing room. For instance, the area under the eaves of the room may be partitioned off, with drawers placed against the shorter wall and space for hanging clothes placed against the new full-height barrier. Or, if you are adding on to your house to create a second bedroom or bathroom, you should design the arrangement of the new area a little bit more carefully and include some ingenious storage solutions. Thinking ahead may help you save time and money, in addition to maximising the use of the available space.

Consider Hanging Your Clothes

It is possible to instal an additional chest of drawers in the bedroom at any time, but you will not be able to hang any clothing there. After separating short and long items of clothing, determine the number of feet of hanging space required for each kind of garment, and then add 20%. When the ceiling height is an average of 7 feet, you have the option of installing two rows of short hanging, one directly over the other, or installing one row of long hanging with shelves or drawers beneath.

Clever Fittings May Be a Good Option for You

Ingenious solutions may include a pull-out shoe larder, which is analogous to the cabinets that are often located in kitchens. Because of this, numerous pairs of shoes may be stored in a relatively small area, and each pair of shoes is kept in its compartment.

Get Creative With Your Spare Space

The less often used things, such as hat boxes, can be stored on shelves that are mounted above hanging rails or doors, while the more valuable clothing can be stored in closed cupboards to keep the dust off of them. Install a pair at the far end of a lengthy walk-in closet, and utilise mirrored doors to make the most of the impression of the available room.

Optimize Shoe Storage Area

The footwear you intend to store should be taken into consideration while coming up with ideas for shoe storage. Shoe bars are designed to function solely with footwear that has heels, so consider flat shelves and see-through plastic boxes as an alternative. These containers are perfect for stacking shoes and identifying the proper pair quickly. Alternately, you may affix Polaroids of the shoes that are included within the box to the exterior of the box so that they are ready for quick identification.

Give Emphasis to Lighting

The cost of implementing well-planned solutions for closet lighting shouldn’t exceed twenty per cent of the total budget. LEDs provide the greatest light for seeing clothes, and spotlights have the added benefit of being adjustable.

Modular or Premium Sliding Doors Australia

Consider using modular systems or having a custom interior created instead. Consider allocating funds for full-length wardrobes with doors and open shelving with a melamine finish. That is something we can deal with. Contact us now and schedule an appointment!