Sliding door systems are a great convenience and a highly attractive feature of decor in contemporary home and office interiors. Available as wall mounted, ceiling mounted or cavity frame mounted models and installations, these advanced door designs are valuable space savers and highly functional additions to any room.

Their sleek, streamlined design and smooth, quiet operation are also attractive features that enhance the overall design of a room while providing easy closure of a room’s main entrance doorway and storage closets. Cavity sliding doors are also often used as convenient and stylish room dividers in large, open-concept living spaces and office work areas. In all of these places, it is essential for these useful sliding doors to have soft close mechanisms.

Why Sliding Doors in Homes and Business Settings Must Have Soft Close Mechanisms

An essential element of all modern sliding door designs today, whether they are installed in homes or in office environments, is the important feature of a soft close mechanism. These mechanisms are available for both manual-close doors and doors equipped with automated soft close sensors, push buttons or remote control devices. These soft close door mechanisms are essential for the following reasons:

• Noise Reduction. – Soft close features on the sliding doors of your kitchen cabinets and entertainment room equipment consoles gently close at the touch of a button on your remote control device or via the operation of automatic sensors. This smooth, quiet action eliminates the annoying bang of doors closing each time you or a member of your household finish removing an item from a cabinet shelf or drawer or finish using a digital device in your entertainment area. These silent, automatic soft close features on the sliding door systems of bedroom closets are also a welcome benefit for creating a quiet, restful atmosphere in sleeping areas of your home.

• Household and Workplace Safety. – Soft close door mechanisms are also very helpful for ensuring household and workplace safety. Because these doors close completely, but slowly and gently, you need not worry about small children getting their fingers mashed in hinged doors that can close suddenly and forcefully. Even adult employees can have hand injuries from doors that swing closed harshly while these workers are distracted by office activity or engrossed in work tasks. The quiet manner in which these soft-closing doors operate is also a welcome feature in busy office environments.

• Home or Business Facility Security. – These auto-close door features are also a security measure for both homes and business settings today. In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, even the most responsible homeowners and company staff members can forget to close office doors securely when they leave for the day. This can leave valuable company data and equipment open to vandalism or theft until the staff returns to work the next day. However, with soft-closure features installed on modern auto-sliding door systems, your business facility will always be safe and secure.

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