Premium Commercial Cavity Door Slider

Premium Commercial Cavity Door Slider


Premium Commercial Cavity Door Slider

Premium Commercial Cavity Door sliders have been developed for use in areas subject to abuse or damage to the jambs, such as hospitals, airports and supermarkets.
Our frame included:
  • Aluminium powder coated top track, roller jump proof.
  • Aluminium extruded Commercial design jambs (available clear anodise and powdercoated white)
  • Metal body rollers, 4 bearings and 4 nylon wheel, and thread lock.
  • Full aluminium cavity frame, come with standard warranty.
  • Sides brushes, plastic bottom guide and rubber stopper is preinstalled on each frame.
  • Supplied whit closing jamb.
We hope you will enjoy of our new silent cavity door in your home or office

Single Fire reference





  • Single
  • Double sided
  • Corner Meetitng
  • Telescopic (stacking) for 2, 3, 4 doors.
  • Automatic

Jamb Details

  • Aluminium extruded (connect to most popular partition systems)


  • Manual (Standart)
  • Automatic

Suitable Door Types

  • Aliminium doors
  • Timber Doors (Solid, Hollow and MDF)

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CS AluSealed™ pre-finished aluminium jambs are extremely strong, making them a great choice for commercial applications and architectural designs or where an over-height door solution is required. The aluminium jambs can be pre-finished in a range of colours, either anodised or powder coated.

Max. size: Made to measure up to 3000 x 3500mm
Max. Door Weight:  240kg
Wall Framing: 90mm
Wall Linings 13mm

For areas such as hospitals, airports and supermarkets where the jambs are subject to abuse or damage, Hi-ImpactJambs are recommended. The split jambs, closing jambs and head jambs are made from extruded aluminium with a 3.5mm thick wall (twice the normal thickness of our standard aluminium jamb) and are designed to accept 25mm thick linings on both sides.
Buildings that will benefit from this detail are generally those places using trolleys, beds or wheel chairs, including hospitals, airports, acute mental health facilities, supermarkets and warehouses. Due to the thicker wall lining capacity the jambs have a more solid/chunky appearance which blends well with the look of industrial/commercial buildings.

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