Premium Wardrobe Sliding System

Premium Wardrobe Sliding System


Premium Wardrobe Sliders

Premium Wardrobe sliders are high-quality sliding door systems it is completely ready for installation, included top track, roller, plastic guides and jambs (by request).
Premium top tracking system available in double, triple and multiple design, easy to install into wall framing.
Standard timber doors 35-40mm  can be used, ensuring hinged and wardrobe doors to match
The design does not provide a bottom track, only the bottom plastic t-guide (not visible in door opening) is placed on the floor.
Suits for automatic and soft close operations.


  • Available for 2 – 8 doors.
  • Match wardrobe doors to your other internal doors
  • For 140 mm(double track), 190 mm(triple track) and 240 mm framing(4 tracks)


  • Manual (Standart)
  • Softclose or/and Soft open
  • Automatic

Suitable Door Types

  • Aluminium Doors
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Timber Doors (Solid, Hollow and MDF)

Jamb Details

  • Architrave / Shadowline / Square set
  • Full Heigth / Bulk head

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Premium Wardrobe Sliding System
The CS TopFix 2T-90 fits into standard 90mm framing
and is easier to install and finish than similar products
on the market as timber head jambs are not required.
This product suits any wardrobe situation where space
is at a premium.
Standard timber doors can be used, ensuring hinged
and wardrobe doors match.
Cavity sliding doors – Premium Sliding Doors – Aluminium Sliding Doors

The CS Wardrobes Premier range is a complete sliding
wardrobe door solution with the option of a double or
triple top track. This product includes closing jambs
(if required), tracks, carriages, guides, and head jambs.
Design Features & Options
Fits into standard wall framing (140 or 190mm x 45mm
kiln dry).
Available with timber or aluminium jambs in a range
of timbers and colour finishes.
Supports a range of door set-ups from 2 to 6 doors.
Non-standard height and width doors can be
No full-length floor tracks on 2T-140 units.
The CS Premier 2T-140 tophung
double track system
supports a 2, 3 or 4 door set
up and has no unsightly and
annoying floor tracks to trip
over or to attract dust and
The tiny hidden floor guide
in partnership with the toptrack
and carriages ensures
doors run smoothly and
will never ‘de-rail.’


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