Premium 150 Cavity Sliders

Premium 150 Cavity Sliders


Premium 150 Single Cavity Frame

Premium 150 Cavity frame solutions for high quality suspended sliding doors that enable frameless panels of glass to be fitted of up to 4000mm high x 2000mm.
They support a maximum of 150 kgs per panel respectively. Ideal for large-sized dividers and doors for home or commercial use.
Premium 150 Soft close system, with damping for the final 10 cm of the run, ensures that the door closes with no noise, vibrations or sharp knocks against the door-frame. Maximum capacity for adapting to every type of door and environment thanks to its extractable gearing which allows the panel to move with a power in accordance with it weight, with a maximum of 60-100 kg or 100-150 kg





  • Single
  • Double
  • Corner Meetitng
  • Bilateral
  • Telescopic

Jamb Details

  • Architrave
  • P-50 Shadowline
  • Square set (Ezy Jamb finish)
  • Commercial partitions finish


  • Manual (Standart)
  • Softclose or/and Soft open

Suitable Door Types

  • Aluminium Doors
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Timber Doors (Solid, Hollow and MDF)

Door Spec

  • Max Door heigth is 4000mm
  • Max Door width 2000 mm
  • Door weigth is up to 150 kg.

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Cavity sliding doors – Premium Sliding Doors – Aluminium Sliding Doors

Cavity sliding doors. Are a modern, practical and increasing on trend for a wide range of Australian domestic and commercial properties. These kits are ideal an alternative to traditional hinged (swing) doors and save up to 0.65m2 per room.

This is especially ideal in compact modern urban apartments. Flats and properties as well. As in loft conversations and any areas where space will e at a premium. Although they have long been popular throughout continental Europe. Cavity sliding door kits like this are popular in many Australian properties over the last few years. This kit are specifically for the AU market. And come with a 76mm up to 160mm and more finished width to accommodate standard Australian door sizes and stud wall solutions. Get quote

The unique design which incorporates a sliding door within a door cavity results not only in save floor space but also make access easier. Especially for wheelchair users. As the door is not include, cavity sliding door systems are completely customizable and allow you to match the sliding door with the other doors in your home. Whether they are bi folding doors or traditional swing/hinged doors. You can even use glazed doors and when open the door can be set to be either flush with the jambs and architrave or protrude.

The CS SquareFormed cavity slider combines the
CS SquareStop Split Jamb with Full-Height and
NoClosingJamb details. This complete solution provides
a seamless, clean flow around doorways and is ideal for
large room dividers or areas such as hallways where
you want a discreet door that is rarely closed.
CS has designed a jamb that makes finishing on site
quicker, easier, neater and stronger.

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