Automatic sliding door installations for offices with narrow hallways and tight spaces provide both pleasing style elements and enhanced safety for staff members, business associates and visitors. These attractive cavity sliding doors glide open quietly and smoothly, disappearing into their hidden wall cavities. Operated by a light touch to your remote control device, the doors will slide just as easily back into the closed position, as needed.

Your automatic cavity sliding doors are simple to operate, need only occasional adjustments, if any, and enhance your overall office decor with their sleek, attractive surfaces of shiny or matte enameled aluminium, beautiful natural timbre or frameless glass in sparkling clear, tinted or frosted glass designs. These slender, contemporary sliding door models glide slowly and evenly, pausing whenever a person or object crosses their path to ensure safe use.

Automatic Sliding Doors Offer Stylish Decor and Safe Use in Limited Office Spaces

When you choose fashionable and functional auto-sliding doors as essential furnishings and items of decor in the narrow or tight spaces of your office interiors, you will enjoy the enhanced style of these contemporary mobile door designs. You will also increase the safety of your office setting for employees as well as business clients, associates and other visitors. Ways in which these advanced cavity sliding door designs will improve the style and safety of your company’s office interiors include the following:

• Replacement of Hinged Doors. – Sleek cavity sliding doors with the auto-open and close feature will greatly enhance the style and attractiveness of your office interior design. Removing your old hinged doors not only makes your entire floor space available for use in the rooms of your company offices, but it avoids any interference with the overall fashion statement of each room’s decor that clumsy, awkward hinged doors can cause as they swing open and closed. Also, when your new gliding doors are installed, this will eliminate the risk of employees getting hands, arms or fingers caught in rapidly closing hinged doors, which can cause pain and injuries.

• Easy Access to Storage Closets. – Installing cavity sliding doors on storage closets in narrow hallways or tight spaces throughout your office suite can be of great help in avoiding injuries to staff members. Employees who quickly enter a hall from adjoining rooms, not realising fast enough that an open hinged door is blocking the hallway, may collide with this older door and incur injuries. Smooth-gliding closet doors of lustrous wood or sturdy aluminium with attractively painted surfaces also brighten narrow hallways and spaces while safely sliding in and out of their wall cavities.

• Elimination of Temporary Room Partitions. – Many modern offices today install cavity sliding doors as temporary walls to divide large open office areas into smaller conference rooms, as needed. These easily operated, stylish doors in the material and colour of your choice to best complement your overall office decor are both highly attractive and very practical for daily use. They will also help your office staff achieve enhanced business operations and greater productivity. The safe, smooth and dependable auto-gliding operation of these doors also increases the safety levels of your office environment.

When you consult the experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will receive top caliber advice, designs and full installation services for highly attractive and functional cavity sliding doors to brighten and enhance even narrow or tight areas of your office interiors. With the experienced guidance of our knowledgeable professionals, you will greatly improve the fashion, functional operation and safety of your business office environment.

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