Meranti Timber Door Jambs

Meranti wood resembles mahogany timber from the Philippines, Honduras and parts of Africa. It is often used for making hollow-core doors and for structural framing like timber door jambs. Meranti trees grow and prosper in soil that is well-drained and located in low altitude regions. In the best growing conditions, these trees can tower to a height of 200 feet with trunks measuring six feet in diameter. These trees are ideal for harvesting for making lumber since they are free of branches for about 90 feet above the ground. These giant trees often have vane-shaped buttress supports growing at their bases.

These trees produce timber that is from medium to course in texture with colouration ranging from light pink to reddish-brown or darker brown. Meranti wood is heavier than Honduras mahogany, weighing approximately 36 pounds per cubic foot when dry. Although it does not provide the strength, degree of hardness or long-term durability offered by mahogany, it is less costly and relatively easy to work with. Meranti is considered an attractive hardwood for many construction and woodworking projects today.

Best Characteristics and Features of Meranti Timber for Use in Making Door Jambs

The most attractive features and qualities of Meranti timber for use in producing door jambs today include the following:

• Cost-Efficient.Meranti timber is cost-efficient for use in making door jambs today. Because it is of medium weight when compared with other timber varieties, it is not too expensive to transport over long distances to construction sites. Use of Meranti wood is also a low-impact environmental factor since large amounts of timber can be produced from a single towering Meranti tree. For this reason, it is among the low to mid-priced green building materials on the market today.

• Durable. Although it is not as hard or durable as mahogany, Meranti timber offers sufficient degrees of durability to provide long-term use for door jambs in homes and commercial building construction. It is generally classified as an appealing and practical hardwood as a building material.

• Workable Hardwood.Meranti timber is an easily workable hardwood due to its medium degrees of hardness, density and durability. Attractive and long-lasting door jambs can be produced quickly and efficiently with use of this appealing, multi-hued variety of timber. Meranti can be easily worked for handcrafted artisan woodworking projects or machine-tooled to create large quantities of door jambs and other wood products.

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