Telescopic Cavity Door System incorporates the same quality track and carriage system. That is use in all Premiums Sliding Doors Cavity Slider architectural units. Allowing the confident use of over-height and over-width wardrobe doors.

Because the telescoping system hangs from the top track. There is no need inconvenient floor guides or tracks. Where the doors overlap a small floor guide fitted. This provides invisible and reliable guidance for each door.

Cavity sliding doors and telescoping sliding doors can be supplied from the same joinery manufacturer. As the same standard thickness doors that suits our cavity sliding frames (35 – 41 mm thick) can be used in Double Telescoping Cavity Sliding Door. This uniformity ensures a consistent look between doors in a given area or throughout a building.

Also incorporated with this unit are the closing jambs and head jambs, providing a simple and easy way to finish off wall linings. The top head jambs that cover the track and running gear are easily removable. Allowing  access for servicing or door removal. Where a full height detail or square stopped look is important. These units may also supplied with no closing jambs and no head jambs. Minor assembly of the closing jambs to the track is require on site.

Primary design and operational features and qualities of telescopic sliding doors include the following:

Telescopic Double Cavity Framework. – The frames for telescopic double cavity sliding doors provide door operation on a top quality track and carriage system as do other types of double cavity gliding door frames. Since the telescopic system is designed to suspend from a top track, no cumbersome series of floor tracking or guides is needed for smooth operation. At overlapping points for doors, a small sized guide is installed on the floor to supply dependable door motion guidance.

Double Cavity Slider Unit. – This pre-fabricated door sliding unit is easily installed into the walls adjoining the wide doorway opening by professional installation teams. This unit will enable the telescopic doors to glide completely into the installed pockets on either side of the large doorway. This eliminates any need for use of the space normally required for swinging doors to open into a room interior. With the telescopic frame installed, two door panels can slide into the same adjoining wall, permitting full opening of the wide doorway and admittance of all exterior light into the room.

Telescopic Doors. – Operation of telescopic doors can be either manual or automatic. These doors may be made of aluminium or natural timbre that is solid or hollow. They may also be composed of medium density fiberboard (MDF), which is often preferred due to its high degrees of durability. As an engineered wood material used to manufacture doors, MDF is made from wood fibre that is recycled and recovered. Doors manufactured of MDF are resistant to warping, buckling, cracking or splitting. They are known for outlasting natural timbre doors and for sustained durability of their painted or finished surfaces.