Cavity sliding doors can add convenience and attractiveness to your bathroom decor. Whether these doors are single, double or more extensive in design, they can slide easily into their recessed wall cavity to open your bathroom doorway completely. These doors can be constructed of natural timbre, faux wood, metal, vinyl or composite materials.

Their streamlined, sleek design gives the room a simple elegance and clean-cut lines that can complement many different styles and modes of room decor. Whether your bath is a traditional Victorian design, 1960’s retro or ultra-chic modern in fashion, when you install cavity sliding doors, you will bring a new, sophisticated fashion and flair to your bathroom’s interior decor.

What Makes Cavity Sliding Doors Ideal for Your Bathroom Design

These cavity sliding doors truly are an ideal choice for updating your bath for the following reasons:

Cavity Sliding Doors Offer Convenience for Your Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom’s interior design and decor can be greatly enhanced by the installation of slender, smooth sliding doors that disappear into their built-in wall cavities when not needed, sliding back into place quietly and efficiently whenever needed to enclose the room. They can be easily opened by anyone in your household, including very young children. These doors are safer for youngsters that hinged doors, which can close abruptly, risking pain or injury to small hands.

Cavity Sliding Doors are Space Savers for Your Bathroom Design

Cavity sliding doors for your bathroom will be definite space savers. Regardless of the size of your bath, it is helpful to have full use of its total space. However, if this room has a hinged door, at least eight percent of floor space will be unusable since it will be required for opening the door. Since cavity sliding doors fit neatly into their wall cavities when opened, there is never any lost room space when these doors are installed and used.

Cavity Sliding Doors Provide Versatility to Accommodate Your Every Needs

Cavity doors can be opened completely or partially, to accommodate your needs. These doors can also be installed as a room divider in your bath. If you want a separate area for dressing, or if you want to separate the bathtub, shower or toilet from the remainder of the room, these sliding doors are the ideal choice for accomplishing this division. Since your cavity sliding doors provide a movable divider wall, they can be opened again at any time, if you like.