Installing a soft-close mechanism for the sliding door on your wardrobe is an excellent idea. By updating your wardrobe with this mechanism, you will enjoy superior noise control in your bedroom and adjoining areas. If you count the number of times that you open and close your wardrobe during a day, you will most likely be amazed.

Especially while getting dressed for work or school in the morning and changing clothes again at night, you may open and close your wardrobe door countless times. You most likely put away your work or school clothes after changing into more comfortable attire for evening relaxation while opening and closing the wardrobe door repeatedly, without thinking.

Before leaving your bedroom for evening activities or to prepare dinner, you probably think of several other reasons to open the wardrobe door(s). Even though the door often bangs loudly when closed, you forget how disruptive this sound can be to other members of your household.

Four Main Reasons to Choose a Soft-Close Mechanism for Your Wardrobe Sliding Door

Four basic reasons for choosing a soft-close mechanism for your wardrobe sliding door include the following:

1. Lengthen Your Wardrobe’s Lifespan.
With the use of a soft-close mechanism, the force exerted on the hinges and supports for your wardrobe door as you open and close it can be reduced considerably.

The damaging stress that results from the frequent banging of the door each time that it closes can be eliminated. By enabling the door to glide closed smoothly and quietly, you can increase its lifespan and that of its working components significantly.

2. Correct Slam-Shutting. The annoying and stressful sound of a wardrobe door that frequently slams shut can be totally corrected by the installation of a soft-close mechanism.

With this helpful mechanism in place, you will keep your wardrobe door(s) in excellent operating condition while pleasing everyone in your household by eliminating the disruptive slam-shut noise.

3. Keep Drawer Content Organised. If the drawers of your wardrobe slam shut loudly when closed, the resulting jarring bang can displace the contents of the drawers. Well-organised items stored in these drawers may be completely out of place and entangled the next time that you open the drawers.

Also, each drawer’s supports, track and hardware may be damaged by this constant slamming. By installing a soft-close mechanism, you can keep your wardrobe drawers in order while eliminating annoying noise from your home environment.

4. Ensure Safety for Kids.
With a soft-close mechanism installed for your wardrobe door(s) and drawers, your kids will not have mashed fingers that got caught in a slamming drawer or door.

The slow-closing movement will remind even small children to move their hands before the complete close occurs. Also, the soft-close design ensures that the closing drawer or door will stop immediately if it touches an obstacle in its path.

When you contact our experts at Premium Sliding Doors located at 9/10 Deadman Road, Moorebank, NSW, you can obtain top-rated information and advice concerning a soft-close mechanism for your wardrobe sliding door. Our experienced team can also fully install your new door mechanism to ensure the smooth, quiet and safe closing of your wardrobe door or drawers.