Sliding door locks are essential hardware for the safety and security of your home or office suite. Wherever you have sliding doors, you need these superior-quality locks to provide protection for your home or office interiors and furnishings.

Only when these highly reliable locks are installed can you be fully relaxed and enjoy the sheer luxury, lovely natural light and beautiful views offered by your stylish and functional premium sliding doors.

The Ultimate-Quality Locks for Sliding Door Security and Privacy

The leading top-calibre locks for your sliding door security and privacy include the following:

• Premium Sliding Door Privacy Set Lock Rectangular in Stainless Steel. This handsome and reliable stainless-steel lock for your sliding doors provides a flush fitting that is perfect for cavity sliding doors. In addition, a finger edge pull allows for the cavity door’s complete range.

This sliding door is quite suitable for any home decor and security needs. This lock is available in varied colours, and it is ideal for use on timber and aluminium doors. It is also designed for use on both right and left-hand sliding doors.

• Premium Sliding Door Entrance Set Lock, Black. This entrance set lock is a very good choice for use with cavity entrance sliding doors. Designed for the Australian market, this lock is the perfect solution for any home decor and security needs. Its finger edge pull grants a full range of movement to the cavity door.

This lock is recommended for use on both timber and aluminium doors. It has an emergency release and is well-suited for use on both left and right-hand sliding doors. This lock is currently sold in multiple colour choices.

• Premium Privacy Door Lock. This lock is equipped with a privacy turn and release. It is designed in Australia specifically for the Australian market. The lock is fitted flush against the sliding door panel for smooth, complete recess into the door cavity. This model is ideal for use on timber or aluminium sliding doors.

This lock is now available for purchase in many different colours. It is a handsome addition to any stylish sliding door in your home or office setting. This attractive lock is also quite durable for use on sliding doors adjoining outdoor decks or patios. It can withstand extreme temperatures and stormy weather without incurring damage.

By contacting our experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you can receive excellent information and advice concerning different models of sliding door locks for security and privacy.

These latest designs in sturdy, durable locks are ideal for installation on your sliding doors at home or in the office or showroom. These locks provide ultimate-quality fashion and functionality to ensure the smooth, long-lasting style and operation of your stunning sliding door designs.