pantry glass sliding doors

Glass Pantry Sliding Doors

Glass Pantry Sliding Doors. Please check out our latest project. Premium Cavity Sliding Door and Premium Glass Pantry Sliding Door, can be installed in you house, office, bathroom. Quality and design are first priority with a guaranteed high level of finish to ensure each and every cavity sliding door unit continues to work smoothly and effortlessly.

Premium Pantry Sliding Door details:

Size: 2400×1040

Glass type: Laminated 6.8mm

Door thickness: 37mm Door hardware: chrome Glass Brackets

Door color : Black Style thickness : 100mm

 Premium Cavity Sliding Door details:

Cavity unit type: Single P125 (can hold up to 125kg)

To fit door size: 2400×1040 To fit door thickness: 37mm

Wall thickness: 10/90stud/10mm

Wall finish: square set Ceiling details: