Soft-close cavity sliding doors are an excellent choice for installation in medical institutions and hospitals. Especially for floors with patient rooms and suites, these easily operated doors glide open and closed with a gentle touch or by remote control mechanisms. They offer high degrees of noise control, helping to ensure a peaceful, restful environment for patients.

These smoothly operating sliding doors are also a practical choice for use in both clinical treatment and administrative areas of hospitals, nursing facilities and other senior living and treatment centres to reduce distracting noise. In these interior spaces of medical institutions, installing softly closing sliding doors will provide significant advantages since these doors receive continuous, heavy use during both daytime and night hours.

More Reasons for Installing Soft-Close Cavity Sliding Doors in Medical Institutions and Hospitals

Additional reasons for installing noise free soft-close cavity sliding doors in medical institutions and hospitals include the following:

• Space-Savers. – Contemporary soft-close cavity sliding doors are both valuable noise reduction aids and impressive space-savers. When installed in hospitals and other medical institutions, each of these doors can save as much as eight percent of floor space in a room’s interior. Particularly in busy patient treatment areas where every inch of space is needed for providing top quality patient care and for placing medical equipment, conserving space is a necessity.

• Safety. – Cavity sliding doors with the soft-close feature ensure safe operation. Because they open and close quietly, smoothly and gently, both medical facility patients and busy staff members are protected against serious injuries to hands that can get caught in closing doors. With use of these modern, compact door designs, medical staff can also avoid damage to costly medical equipment that can occur when hinged doors are swung open quickly or unexpectedly by other busy staff members.

• Durability. – Latest designs in cavity sliding doors are quite sturdy and durable, providing good, heavy-duty usage for the long-term. Although these doors are lightweight, slender and sleek in appearance, they are constructed of sturdy timbre, faux-wood, aluminium, shatter-proof, reinforced glass or composite materials. These door installations are designed for constant use, and they require only occasional maintenance for continuous optimal performance.

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