Space is one of the most important commodity in a home and the feat to make a home spacious is not an easy one. One way to make the home spacious is to remove the doors because it takes enough space for swing when the door is opened or closed. However, this idea sounds very impractical since you cannot have privacy nor security. In installing unique timber doors, wall mounted sliding tracks are the obvious answer. Wall mount sliding tracks can make the home spacious by saving some spaces. Privacy and security is the primary work of door but wall mounting sliding door can save space also which is an additional advantage. Apart from saving space at home this wall mounting sliding door track and hardware have other benefits as well. Below are some of them.

Wall Mounted Sliding Track are Easy to Install

Hardware of this type door system contains a sliding track and rolling system that is to be attached into the wall. The installation is very easy and simple that anyone can do. It can be done by the installation team or else a house owner can do it himself as it is not a difficult job. All those walls that are constructed of bricks, concrete cement or wood involve hardly any effort to install the sliding track and hardware.

Wall Mounted Track Saves Valuable Space in Home

A door needs at least 10-14 square feet to swing while opening or closing. But a wall mounted sliding door is mounted on the wall, it does not occupy any space in the floor. Thus it saves huge spaces that can be used for other purposes. Wall mount hardware takes just little space than the width of the door.

A small spaced room or home can be sufficient for two or three members’ family but when the family is expanded and you have kids then it becomes really important to free up some spaces so that everyone at home can move around freely. Also when the kids grow up some new furniture and gadgets are required such as computer, table which requires again more place. So thinking for the future it is important to keep some space free at floor.

Avail of the wall mounted sliding track from Premium Sliding Doors. Our wall-mounted sliding door systems are the perfect solution if you want to hang your wooden, aluminium or glass door. You can choose from different ways of working your sliding doors, such as automatic or manual opening with soft closing or soft opening. The track is provided with pre-drilled fixing holes for quick and easy installation. It comes with a pre prepared clip on the aluminium loop and end caps that neatly hide the top of the door, track and rollers.

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