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Cavity sliding doors are a specialised door design that places a sliding door within a cavity. This ingenious design saves valuable floor space and provides significantly easier access than other types of doors. When you install a cavity sliding door system in your home or commercial facility, you will have use of as much as 0.65m2 per room more than standard hinged swinging doors will allow.

Whether you live in a house of moderate size, a standard size flat or a modern compact city apartment, a customised cavity sliding door system may be the perfect solution of enclosing bedroom, office or recreational space.

You can purchase a cavity sliding door with an installation kit for either performing your own DIY installation or for a more experienced friend or maintenance worker to install. These kits are designed for use across Australia. They offer installations ranging from 76 mm. to 160 mm. or more in width to ensure accommodation for all standard Australian door sizes and stud wall mountings.

The choice of door designs is your decision, and if you select a decorative glazed door design, the door can be installed either flush with the door jambs and architrave or protruding, so the attractive glass can be seen.

Features and Benefits of Different Cavity Sliding Door Designs

These cavity sliding door units are composed of metal, and they can be customised to blend with or emphasize the other doors in your home, office or showroom. If you prefer, you can choose from a generous variety of sliding doors made of attractive natural timber or aluminium.

You may also decide on a half slide door, which is a half hinged single door that both slides and hinges to enhance a room’s decor while coordinating with other appealing doors in your home or business setting. These half slide installations are also a good solution for mounting doors in locations without sufficient wall space for a standard unit, such as a small bathroom or utility area.

The various important benefits and features offered by different types of cavity sliding doors include the following:

• Single Cavity Frame.
– These convenient and attractive door installations are increasing in popular use for all types and sizes of residential and commercial properties throughout Australia today. As a practical alternative to traditional hinged door designs, single cavity frame doors make your doorways more easily accessible, especially for wheelchairs and dollies for moving furniture in or out. The unique design of a sliding door set within a door cavity provides a streamlined, attractive element of decor which is also cost-effective and durable.

• Double Sided Cavity Frame. – This top quality sliding door system comes pre-assembled and packaged with double doors, which are to be installed in a slender aluminium cassette pocket for smooth, easy gliding open and closed. These opposite internal doors will slide into their pocket within the wall cavity as major items of decor as well as significant space savers.

• Glass Door Cavity Frame. – These cavity units offer top-tier sliding doors of unframed glass. They provide a highly appealing alternative to standard, thicker opaque doors. These glass door cavity frames use doors made of clear, strengthened glass measuring 10 to 12 mm. Without frames, these sliding doors open up your room’s interior as light enters the room through all areas of the doorway. These doors are in popular use at the entrances to modern office suites, updated boardrooms and many retail stores.

• Aluminium Sliding Doors. – These sliding doors are easily customised to meet architectural specifications while enhancing the curb appeal of any residential or commercial building entrance. The doors have stiles on all sides and are designed to be compatible with most mortise locks. They can be purchased with a clear, anodised finish or in myriad varied powder coat colours. Weather-resistant and long-lasting, these sliding doors come pre-assembled and ready for placing in their sliding pocket.

• Frameless Glass Door.
– Featuring clear, coloured, frosted or glazed glass, these attractive gliding doors admit more natural light into your home or business setting while saving floor space. You can use your own creative talents, ordering your choice of glass hues, styles and motifs. As ideal sliding dividers for rooms or areas of your home or office, they are also strong, practical and highly desirable elements of decor.

By consulting the sliding glass door design and installation experts at Premium Sliding Doors in Moorebank, NSW, you will receive excellent advice, designs and installing assistance for your new smooth gliding doors. With the guidance of our experienced professionals, you will soon acquire and enjoy the ideal contemporary door solutions of your dreams.

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