Bilateral Cavity Sliding Door System

A bilateral cavity sliding door system works with a bilateral cavity frame and can operate even in rooms with very tight spatial limitations. With use of this cavity frame installation, two opposite doors can slide into the same cavity pocket. Requiring only a 140 mm. frame measurement, this system hosts two parallel doors that move in opposite directions to open and close a doorway.

These bilateral sliding cavity door systems can be extremely helpful in room interiors with very short wall space. Door types that are compatible for use in bilateral cavity sliding door frames include aluminium doors and frameless glass doors. Natural or faux timber doors are also popular for use as bilateral sliding doors, and their construction may be solid, hollow or medium-density fiberboard MDF.

Spaces that Require or Benefit from Installation of Bilateral Cavity Sliding Door Systems

Interior spaces that need or benefit from the installation of bilateral cavity sliding door systems include the following:

• Building Entryways. Doorways at the entrances of some buildings may only have space for a single cavity for sliding doors installation. The ideal solution for this spatial issue is the use of a bilateral cavity sliding door system. This will allow both doors to slide into the single cavity while opening the doorway fully for use.

• Main Corridors and Small Hallways.
In some buildings, busy corridors and small hallways between rooms may be located next to stairways or elevator shafts. For this reason, there is no room to create a sliding door cavity on both sides of the corridor or hallway door. With the use of a bilateral cavity sliding door system, this problem can be resolved simply and easily.

• Room Corners. When a necessary doorway is created in the corner of a room, the only option for use of cavity sliding doors is to install a cavity door system with a single door pocket. Since only one cavity is needed with its placement in the wall extending away from the corner, this sliding door design can be of great help to room planners and designers or to renovating teams.

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