Walk-in wardrobes with sliding door systems can be of great help as space savers in small size bedrooms. If these wardrobes are large free-standing models constructed as walk-ins, they may have beautifully grained and finished sliding doors of natural timber. Other popular door options are safety-glass or painted aluminium sliders in attractive, decorative colours. For built-in wardrobes, cavity sliding door systems may be used. These cavity sliders as wardrobe doors are major space-saving choices and offer convenient, reliable operation for long-term use.

Different Designs in Cavity Sliding Door Systems for Walk-in Wardrobes in Small Bedrooms

Design variations in cavity sliding door systems for walk-in wardrobes in small size bedrooms include the following:

• Unilateral Cavity Sliding Doors.
These doors are installed on two parallel doorways in a single wall. As single cavity sliding doors, they open by sliding into a single pocket in the wall space between them. These sliders are ideal for built-in wardrobes that have two separate, parallel entrance doorways. With the cavity pocket located between these doors for easy opening and closing, no extra space is used when operating these doors in a small size bedroom.

• Bilateral Cavity Sliding Doors.
This sliding door system allows two opposite siding doors covering one doorway to slide into the same pocket. It generally requires a 140 mm. frame and is an ideal solution in bedrooms with limited space and a short wall space that houses a built-in wardrobe. Bilateral sliding doors are also needed if a built-in wardrobe is located in a corner of the room, with only one side adjoining a wall with space for a door pocket.

• Telescopic Sliding Doors. With a telescopic sliding door system installed on a built-in wardrobe, the telescopic doors offer synchronous movement along a top-mounted track. When the main door is moved either manually or automatically, the other doors slide along with it. They can fully open to clear a doorway space of as much as 16 feet-8 inches in width. As the doors slide toward the closed position, they glide behind one another until all subsequent doors disappear behind the first (main) door. These door installations are useful for built-in wardrobes in bedrooms where installing a cavity sliding door system is not practical or possible.

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