Attractive and functional cavity sliding doors are an excellent choice for installation in studio apartments today. They are especially practical in very small studios with irregular shapes since they require no extra space for opening and closing. Traditional hinged doors use as much as eight percent of floor space in rooms for operating, which designates this valuable space in small interiors as virtually unusable. As anyone who has lived in a studio apartment well knows, any and all space in these small, efficient yet often cramped living interiors is highly valuable and needed for everyday use.

Modern Cavity Sliding Doors as the Ideal Practical Studio Apartment Installations

Contemporary designs in cavity sliding doors are the best practical selection for installation in studio apartment interiors today for the following reasons:

• Aluminium Sliding Doors. – Cavity sliding door systems constructed of aluminium are highly durable and sleek, and they are available in a wide variety of colour choices today. When painted in semi-gloss or matte finishes to blend with, accentuate or contrast with the overall decor of your studio apartment, these doors become important interior design elements. They operate smoothly and efficiently, disappearing into their wall cavities when opened to provide easy, convenient access to your closet.

• Glass or Timbre Sliding Doors. – If the interior of your studio apartment allows space for wall cavity installation, these practical and appealing sliding doors in lustrous natural timbre or unframed, sparkling glass can make an ideal room divider, separating your living space from your sleeping area. While timbre sliding doors will add natural beauty and warmth to your studio interior, clear, frosted or tinted glass doors will brighten and enlarge your space. If you select clear glass doors, you can hang attractive curtains or drapes to provide privacy, when desired.

• Half Slide – Half Hinged Doors.
– As a practical space-saving option in a small studio apartment, you can install a single, half slide – half hinged door that opens and closes with a combination of sliding and swinging motion. These door constructions in attractively painted aluminium or polished natural wood will provide easy use of your closet space, kitchen or bathroom while conveniently separating these areas from the remainder of your studio apartment interior. They also offer the convenience of partial opening of a closet door for easy access to items stored at the front of storage shelving.

By consulting the experienced experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will obtain excellent advice, designs and installation options for fashionable and functional cavity sliding doors for your studio apartment. Our professionals will assist you in deciding on the ideal designs, materials and finishes for your new closet doors or room dividers. They will ensure that you make the best possible choices in the latest styles and models of these sleek, smoothly operating doors to enhance everyday living in your small yet attractive and practical apartment.

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