cavity sliding doors

Attractive, smooth-operating cavity sliding doors can create the perfect division between your bedroom and your home office today. The majority of contemporary households need and use every available space to accommodate the furnishings and equipment needed to accomplish myriad types of work, study and leisure projects and activities.

For this reason, sleek, easily operated and space-saving doors are essential items of interior design. If you have managed to dedicate a room or section of a room adjoining your bedroom for use as your home-based office, the ideal solution for separating your business environment from your sleeping space will most likely be slender, soft-closing cavity sliding doors.

Main Benefits of Installing Cavity Sliding Doors to Separate Your Home-Based Office from Your Bedroom

The most important benefits of choosing cavity sliding doors to separate your home office from your bedroom today include the following:

• Quiet Door Operation. – Cavity siding doors open and close quietly and easily and can be ordered with soft-touch closing action. Especially when your office space at home adjoins your bedroom, it is essential that these doors separating the two interiors operate as quietly as possible so that your partner or another member of your household can use the office area while you get some well-needed rest, and vice versa. It is also very helpful to have office doors that operate smoothly and quietly while you conduct webinars or talk on the phone to avoid interruption each time the door is opened or closed.

• Space-Saving Benefits.
– Since hinged doors require approximately eight percent of room floor space for swinging open and closed, you can enjoy the use of otherwise lost floor space in both your bedroom and your office by choosing cavity sliding doors to divide these two rooms in your home. Since these sliding door systems are designed and installed so that the doors glide smoothly into their wall cavities when opened, no extra space is required for convenient use of these door dividers. Installed securely in their operating tracks at both top and bottom, these doors will not warp or become dislodged from their sturdy gliding tracks.

• Attractive Door Designs.
– Your appealing cavity sliding door designs may be made of lustrous, beautifully grained natural timbre, attractively enamel-painted aluminium in your choice of colour or tastefully textured or patterned composite material. If you prefer, you can select reinforced clear or tinted glass sliding doors, using attractive drapes or curtains as decorative treatments and for providing privacy as desired.

When you contact the experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will receive top quality advice, cavity sliding door designs and full installation services for dividing your home-based office and your bedroom. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you select the ideal designs and materials for your new sliding door dividers to brighten and enhance the overall interior decor of your adjoining business and sleeping environments.

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