Sliding doors can help modernize your property. A lot of property owners want to utilize all the space given in a specific area while keeping up with what architecture and technology can offer today. The sliding door can be opened and closed sideways, contrary to the usual swing motion of the door towards or away from the room.

When installing sliding doors, certain components must be present and attached so the whole thing will work. Sliding doors need sliding track systems so that the doors won’t get unattached to their specific latches. Depending on your needs, there are different style selections that you can choose from for sliding track systems. Here are the following sliding track systems that may be fit for your specific needs and specifications.

Soft Close Mechanism Roller

A soft-close mechanism roller is recommended for those who don’t want loud irritating noises from slamming doors. This type of roller reduces the noise and vibration of your sliding doors. The mechanism catches the activator of the door and then closes it gently without creating any unwanted noise. The soft-close mechanism roller is suited for sliding timber, aluminium, and glass panels up to 80kg. All types of property are supported by a soft-close mechanism roller.

Premium Sliding Door Roller

The premium sliding door roller is a four-wheeled hanging wheel that can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. This sliding roller, like the soft-close mechanism roller, can run smoothly without creating irritating noise on your sliding doors. It has an adjustable bracket that can act as a corner bracket for steel frame by-passing doors. It can support sliding timber, aluminium, and glass panels for up to 120kg.

Ceiling Mounted Sliding Track

One of the most popular sliding doors in residential homes, commercial offices, and retail fit-outs is floor to ceiling cavity sliding doors. Since these doors are popular, then complementing them with ceiling mounted sliding tracks is a must, most especially if you have aluminium, frameless glass, or timber doors. This kind of sliding track is flushed with the ceiling that allows the doors to pass from floor to the ceiling. This sliding track is powder-coated and can be matched with the same ceiling colour.

Wall Mounted Sliding Track

For wooden, aluminium, or glass doors, the wall-mounted sliding door systems are perfect if you want to hang them. This kind of sliding track can work in various ways such as automatic or manual opening with soft closing or soft opening. The wall-mounted sliding track has pre-drilled fixing holes for quick installation. It also has a pre-prepared clip on the aluminium loop and end caps so that the top of the door, track, and rollers can be hidden from eyesight.

Each sliding track systems have their unique properties and functionality. If you are still confused about the system you must buy, then contact us now at Premium Sliding Doors.

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