automatic sliding doors

The doors used in a conventional shop, office, or home are typically the ones that must be opened directly by our hands. Whether it’s the hinge type or the push-pull type, these doors are so common that anyone of us can recognise them from afar. However, as the rise of modern tools become available, engineering advancements have paved way to the birth of automatic sliding door.

For some countries, automatic sliding doors may be a fairly new sight in public. In Japan, however, people have been using this type of door since the late 1950s. Today, automatic sliding doors are now installed in malls, offices, and even in our homes. The convenience of having a door that doesn’t need any human interaction makes it the top choice when it comes to picking a door.

So, how do shops, offices, and homes benefit from automatic sliding doors?

Accessible to People

Automatic sliding doors are designed to open when it detects a person is approaching. People who will enter the facility can easily go in without pushing or turning any knobs. In many places, these doors can be convenient for people who are holding children or with baggage in both hands. People who also have to push or carry a cart can also enter or leave the place with ease.

Convenient for All

Since automatic sliding doors can detect people, they can help open the doors to people of all ages. Moreover, people that have difficulty accessing the door can freely enter shops, offices, and homes through the wonderful mechanism of automatic sliding doors. Overall, these doors are highly recommended in public places that are always flocked by all sorts of people.

Safety of the Environment

Automatic sliding doors are built with quality. Manufacturers ensure the full functionality of the doors without causing any harm to people and damage to the properties. They have sensors, timers, and wireless remote control so that you can still control them if ever they go haywire.

Energy Saver

Automatic sliding doors automatically close when there is no person detected. This closing mechanism helps the facility reduce any charges on the utility bill. Most often than not, people tend to forget to close the doors behind after entering the facility, which makes the room feel extra hot or cold due to the external temperature. With automatic sliding doors, the heating and cooling costs are kept down to the minimum.

Hygiene Control

The convenience of automatic actions of the door means that people don’t need to be in contact with the door. Automatic sliding doors operate with hands-free, which makes them optimal for facilities in public such as stores and offices. A person with cold may minimise the people who may get infected if he or she doesn’t touch the door directly. Moreover, automatic sliding doors can also prevent the entry of dust and dirt by increasing the room’s air pressure.

Improved Perception

For shops and even offices, automatic sliding doors can create an impression of technological advancement in the facility. This advancement can help improve the perception of consumers and employees about the owners of the shops or offices.

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