pantry glass sliding doors

Excellent quality automatic cavity sliding doors from Premium Sliding Doors can be installed simply and are easy to maintain. Operating on track systems with their slender cavities installed within your walls, these doors are great space savers. In fact, newly installed cavity sliders in your home can free-up as much as eight percent of a room’s floor space that would otherwise be required to operate a swinging hinged door. These durable yet fashionable gliding doors offer convenient automatic operation with use of a remote control device or an app on your smartphone. No active home today should be without the use and enjoyment of fashionable and functional automatic cavity sliding doors.

Easy Installation and Upkeep of Different Styles of Automatic Cavity Sliders for your Home

Different types of cavity sliding doors with auto-operation that offer simple installation and easy upkeep in your home include the following:

• Aluminium Sliding Doors. These sleek, slim cavity sliders installed in your family room, entertainment area or children’s playroom offer a pleasing minimalist style of design and smooth operation. You can open and close these doors from a distance with use of your remote control or smartphone app. Since these doors glide gently open and closed and stop when an object or person moves into their path, they are safe for use in children’s playrooms or bedrooms. Aluminium sliding doors are available in many attractive colour choices, operate on tracks that are easy to install and require only occasional cleaning with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent.

• Frameless Glass Sliding Doors. These attractive doors in clear, tinted or patterned glass are ideal for cavity sliders on doorways leading from your living room to your outdoor terrace. If these doors are made of clear or lightly tinted glass, they will provide a full view of the scenic beauty that is visible from your living room. The reinforced, shatterproof glass that is used to make these doors offers good protection from harsh winds and stormy weather while helping to filter the sun’s brilliant rays on bright, clear days. The wall cavity tracking is easy to install and rarely needs adjustment, even with heavy daily use.

• Natural Timbre Sliding Doors. Cavity sliding doors constructed of beautifully grained natural timbre are popular in homes that feature wood construction and furnishings. Their tracks are also easily installed and long-lasting. These doors should be polished lighted periodically, but otherwise they require only occasional dusting. Like the other cavity slider styles, these door operate quietly and smoothly with use of an automatic remote control device or smartphone app.

By consulting our experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will receive professional advice, automatic cavity sliding door designs and excellent installation services for your new cavity sliders. Our experienced pros will guide you to selecting the ideal type and material in sliding door designs to greatly enhance the rooms and entryways of your home.

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