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The finest quality designs in modern sliding door solutions bring ultimate style and great convenience to new or renovated homes today. When European level design cavity sliding systems are revised to comply with Australian building standards, houses constructed in any era can benefit from installation of these space-saving, highly attractive gliding doors. When these doors are mounted on top caliber sliding door frames, they operate smoothly and seamlessly with use of an integrated soft-close mechanism or completely automated sliding system.

The best cavity systems come pre-assembled and ready for installation. Superior cavity frames are sold with top-tier roller carriages, enabling doors to open and close quietly with ease over long-term use. Offering simple and easy installation, these cavity frames arrive with customised trims set and architrave or shade line wall finish to accommodate your specific preferences and needs. By choosing the top quality cavity frame, you will receive a superb cavity sliding system to be fitted with doors that will surpass all of your expectations while greatly enhancing your home’s interior decor.

Different Types of Cavity Sliding Doors as Ideal Solutions for New or Renovated Homes

The varied types of popular designs in modern cavity sliding doors include the following ideal choices for enhancing the interiors of any new or renovated home today:

• Aluminium Sliding Doors. These sleek, slender gliding doors offer streamlined, understated style to your home’s den, entertainment area or finished basement recreation room. Typically painted with semi-gloss or matte enamel paint, these doors are available in myriad hues to complement any room’s interior colour scheme. As well as separating various rooms in your house with simplistic, pleasing designs and quiet, smooth operation, these doors can also serve as excellent room dividers to make your home interiors more versatile and useful for everyone in your household.

• Frameless Glass Sliding Doors. The atmosphere and lighting of your family room adjoining your terrace can be greatly enhanced with the installation of frameless glass sliding doors to separate your room from the beauty and elements of each season displayed just outside the glass. Sunlight reflected from the sparkling glass will also enliven the overall atmosphere of your terrace and its lovely scenic views. The clear, reflective beauty of your highly appealing gliding glass doors is somewhat deceptive since the reinforced glass is quite sturdy and will wear well over time with good treatment.

• Timber Sliding Doors. Natural timber sliding doors can make stunning closures for wide entryways leading to gardens adjoining your dining room or from your verdant green solarium onto your spacious deck. The elegant or rugged wood grains, varied surface textures and blends of rich dark or sand-white colouration of the timber lend pure, unaltered natural tonalities to both indoor and outdoor settings. These doors will gain even more character and style as they age and attain a slightly weathered surface appearance.

When you consult our experienced professionals at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will benefit from top caliber advice, designs and full installation services for the highly fashionable and functional cavity sliding doors, frames and operating systems of your choice. Our experts will guide you to making the ideal selections in contemporary cavity gliding door installations to complement and enhance the interior and exterior living spaces of your new or renovated home.

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