Automatic Sliding Door System

Maintenance Tips for Your Automatic Sliding Door System.

Here are some maintence tips for your Automatic Doors System.

Much like any other home feature, it is naturally easy to forget about your automatic sliding door system. From the term itself, they conveniently open the door for you every time and close it behind you as you walk in and out.  However, in reality there a number of things to consider especially if you wish to get the maximum lifespan out of them. If utilised properly, they can be fully functional and operational for a very long time. Here are some maintenance tips for your automatic sliding door system.

Detailed Inspection

The biggest tip to ensure a prolong usage is to make sure that you commit to carrying out a detailed inspection of your automatic door every month or so.  Occupier safety checks really help and will allow you to spot any issues early on that something is about to go wrong.  It will also allow you to ensure that the warning or advisory signs are visible and compliant with the necessary regulations.

Clear Obstructions

Check for objects or debris that may be causing any kind of obstruction that you could clear away which may lead to larger problems or issues that could be avoided and may be costly.

Analyse Automatic Door Sounds

When passing the doors, pause and listen to see if they sound different.  You pass the doors every day and will be familiar with how they sound.  Any changes will be noticeable and again can help you identify issues early on.

Routine Tests

Run tests to confirm the efficiently of the approach sensors just to make sure that the doors open and close as they should. For example, during a fire drill would be an ideal time as then you can monitor how the doors react to the increased volume of people all charging to get through them.

Apply Automatic Door Lubricants

Where appropriate, lubricants cavity sliders can be applied to aid smooth operation. It also helps if you apply oil on all door locks. None of these is taxing or complicated but you would be completely surprised at how much of a difference it will make to the lifespan and general day to day performance of your doors.

Avail Professional Servicing

Having a professional servicing and maintenance contract in place with a reputable automatic door company really is essential as the checks need to be carried out by a trained and authorised technician who holds the necessary credentials for such services. Ensure that they work closely with regulatory committees so that you will know that they abide by the guidelines.

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