pantry glass sliding doors

Cavity sliding doors are particularly versatile architectural elements. They’re there when you need privacy and gone when you don’t. Selecting the actual door is a straightforward process — just pick something that suits the architecture of your house and be done with it. However, one other decision that requires careful scrutiny is selecting premium cavity door frame hardware for your specific sliding door needs. Below are some of the options.

Premium Privacy Door Lock

A premium privacy door lock is a door frame hardware designed in Australia for specific Australian market conditions. They are easily fitted into a standard 54mm door preparation with a 50mm backset. They can be fitted flushed against the panel of the sliding door for full recess into the door cavity. Premium privacy door locks are suited for both timber and aluminium doors. This hardware can suit 35-55mm thick doors with a lock follower of 8mm. They are also available in different colours.

Flush Pull Handle

The Flush Pull Handle has a modern shape and is commonly used on sliding doors, aluminium timber and cupboard doors; set flush into the door it is an ideal low profile flush pull. Flush Pulls can be used on any door where a ‘flush with the door face’ pull is desired including sliding or cavity doors. The internal edges of the flush pull handles are finished for comfort of use and to soften aesthetics. Flush pull handles are available in both timber and aluminium doors. They are available in a range of sizes and finishes and are displayed packed – complete with fixing screws.

MARDECO ‘M’ Series Flush Pull

The M-Series range of sliding door hardware by Mardeco represents a new age of flush pull handles and privacy locks for timber and aluminium sliding doors. Packed with innovation and sophistication, its sleek moulder handles represent simplicity through uncompromising design. With Mardeco taking the time to get the range perfect, quality and ease of use have been emphasised in every aspect, from the handles themselves to the installation resources and packaging.

This hardware is designed in New Zealand. The M-Series perfectly represents what Mardeco is all about quality, design and good service. The M – series hardware comes with detailed installation instructions and additional parts for multiple applications, giving your project a cohesive look. There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to fitting out a project, yet the decision about which sliding door hardware to choose is an easy one with the M-Series by Mardeco.

This hardware is both suitable for timber and aluminium doors with 35mm & 50-55mm backsets. Aside from that they come in matte black. Bronze, brushed nickel, satin chrome, and polished chrome.

Glass Door Cavity Lock

A euro profile lock and handle set is an attractive and practical way to add security to a frameless glass sliding door. It is suitable for thickness 8mm to 10mm. It has a glass sliding door hook lock for frameless glass doors. It enables security to be added to a glass door which closes up to a solid frame. When activated with a key the hook bolt is engaged into the keep box which must be attached to a solid frame. You can even opt for a glass to wall installation. However, a glass door cavity lock is only suited for 8-12mm glass doors. It features a 202 stainless steel material with long screws for glass doors with holes and a 5mm-8mm gap between the two glass doors.

Avail premium cavity door frame hardware from Premium Sliding Doors. Our cavity unit frame hardwares are available for different types of doors: aluminium, frameless glass and timber doors. All doors work perfectly with our integrated soft-close mechanism or fully automatic sliding systems.

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