Premium commercial cavity sliding doors are excellent choices for installation in hospitals, airports, supermarkets and other busy commercial venues today. These attractive and practical gliding door designs are available in varied materials, styles and sizes today. They can be customised to align with any type of interior design and decor as needed. Latest models in cavity sliding doors are produced in aluminium, glass, timber, vinyl and various composite materials. They can be designed to fit large, small, open or tight entryways, and these versatile doors can also be installed as convenient room dividers.

Top-Quality Cavity Door Sliders for Installation in Hospitals, Airports and Supermarkets

Fine calibre modern cavity sliding doors are the ideal solution for entryways in such busy commercial venues as hospitals, airports and supermarkets for varied reasons, including the following:

• Hospitals. – In hospitals of all sizes today, use of all interior space is extremely important for providing top quality patient treatment and for daily medical procedures and activities throughout the facilities. Traditional hinged doors that swing open and closed are often heavy and cumbersome. In busy room and hallway entrances, these heavy doors can close on hands and fingers, causing pain and injuries. They can also close on valuable medical equipment that is being moved from one patient treatment area to another. However, when hinged doors are replaced with advanced designs in cavity sliding doors, the rooms and hallways into which they open will have as much as eight percent more vital floor space available for use.

• Airports. – When cavity door sliders are installed in heavily used entryways of airports today, they improve the ease and speed with which travellers and airport or airline staff members can move through doors and reach their destinations. Baggage carts and bag-carrying passengers can enter these doorways without the need to catch a closing hinged door to hold it open while entering. Accidents are prevented by the sensors of these track door systems that keep doors open whenever a person is passing through. Although revolving doors are attractive design elements at major entrances to airline terminals, sleek, smoothly operating cavity sliding doors are safer, more efficient and cost-effective to install.

• Supermarkets.
– Reliable cavity sliding doors that are installed at the entrances to supermarkets are of great assistance to shoppers entering and exiting the premises with carts, children and baby strollers while carrying shopping bags and parcels. These smoothly operating doors also help prevent slowdowns at store entrances during the busiest shopping hours. These slender, space-saving door designs are always a plus for conserving use of valuable floor space. They are also attractive additions to the facade and entryway of any commercial building that is in popular use today.

When you consult the experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will receive excellent advice concerning the ideal types, materials and finishes for cavity sliding door installations at major entryways of your hospital, airport or supermarket location. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will ensure that you select the ideal cavity door sliders to enhance the appearance, functionality and safety of your commercial building entrance doors.

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