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Telescoping sliding doors are the perfect choice for entrances with tight spaces or for dividing a large room for multiple uses in your home or office today. These attractive and functional doors are constructed of three or more separate panels that slide easily past each other during operation.

Their primary advantage is providing an extra-wide entry space when opened and offering simple, easy closure in a cramped or inconvenient entryway. These doors are also aesthetically pleasing and can brighten up a dark room interior, especially since their panels are often glass, or panels of glass panes, which can be made of clear, sparkling glass, tinted glass or frosted panes according to your preferences.

Advantages of Installing Telescoping Sliding Doors for Tight Home or Office Entrances

When you install telescoping sliding doors for tight or inconvenient entryways in your home or office, you will enjoy such advantages as the following:

• Space Savers. – These practical door designs are extremely useful as space savers in areas of your home or office where hinged doors that must swing open and closed are awkward and cumbersome. By installing a telescoping sliding door in these places, you will save as much as eight percent of room floor space, since these doors glide smoothly open and closed as panels sliding past one another for a convenient stacking effect. Even a small room will have a more open, expansive atmosphere with these highly functional, space-saving doors installed.

• Room Dividers. – You can also install telescoping sliding doors to separate sections of a large room when needed. This can enable you to use a large home or work space for multiple purposes at the same time. For example, by using you convenient sliding and stacking doors to divide a large, open concept room in your home, your children can enjoy a spacious play area while you work or study in the quiet, peaceful ambiance of another space on the other side of these securely closed telescoping sliding doors. You can see your children playing safely while you accomplish your necessary projects in peace. In the office, a large conference area can be divided into separate meeting rooms whenever needed with use of these fashionable and practical doors.

• View Enhancers.
– When you have glass or glass pane telescoping sliding doors installed on the entrance way to your outdoor deck or patio, you can enjoy the beauty of the seasonal scenery from the comfort of your home with these doors closed. Even if your patio entrance is located in a tight or cramped room space, with the help of your clear, smoothly gliding doors, you will enjoy a more expansive, open feeling in your room interior while enjoying a full, unobstructed view of the natural scene outdoors.

By consulting the experts at Premium Sliding Doors located in Moorebank, NSW, you will obtain excellent advice and designs for telescoping siding doors for installation on home or office entrances with tight spaces. Our experienced professionals will guide you to selecting the ideal fashionable and functional gliding doors to create the convenient and highly attractive doorway decor that you desire.

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