A huge number of home and business owners have been resorting to using sliding doors as the primary doors of their properties. This is because the conventional swing doors do not fully utilize the space available for rooms. These doors often hit objects and even people that are too close when being opened or closed. Adjustments are then made to the position of equipment and furniture just to compensate with the door’s disadvantages.

Sliding doors, on the other hand, easily offer the most convenient way of accessing a room. Sliding doors are just glided sideways for them to be opened and closed, hiding the door behind panels and walls. These doors can also be installed everywhere as they are mounted parallel to the walls. Additionally, sliding doors are durable and don’t easily break in case of forced entries. Thanks to timber or aluminium composition, these sliding doors can withstand any force and pressure from the surroundings.

Premium Sliding Doors knows the best accessories for your sliding doors. With our Premium Privacy Door Locks, your rooms can be further secured by their features that are helpful for your properties.

Privacy Turn & Release with Lock

Premium Privacy Door Lock uses a privacy turn & release mechanism to maximise the security of the room. Turning the lock in a particular way will either lock or unlock the sliding door with ease.

Suited for Most Door Types

Not all door locks are made the same. Some locks react negatively to doors if their materials don’t match very well, causing these locks to wear off in just a short amount of time. With our Premium Privacy Door Locks, sliding doors that are made of timber or aluminium will get to enjoy the benefits of having a secured property right on their fingertips.

Moreover, Premium Privacy Door Lock can fit into a standard 54mm door preparation with a 50 mm backset. It has a lock follower of 8 mm and is available in different colours.

Designed for the Australian Market

Premium Privacy Door Locks are designed and made locally in Australia to ensure the best quality a door lock can ever get. This is accompanied by quick follow-up services and enquiry responses since we cater to local market demands and conditions. Whatever the Australian market needs, Premium Sliding Doors will readily provide.

Aside from Premium Privacy Door Locks, Premium Sliding Doors also offer installation services of different types of cavity sliding doors. We also offer products and accessories of sliding doors.

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