Premium Door Microwave sensor

Premium Door Microwave sensor


Premium Door Microwave sensor

Can be used in supermarket, stores and a variety of people frequently through the small automatic door control occasions, can also be used in small space of the human body presence detection, various also used in small space of the human body presence detection, various also used in anti-clip functions can be into into account.
One way to launch, one way to receive, intelligent adaptive infrared sensors.
Small size, convenient and flexible installation.
The sensing region and angle can be adjusted by itself.

Mounting Height: ≤ 2600MM
1.Featured with high sensitivity, quick response and detection accuracy
2.When the power be offered,microwave sensor start to detect the environment around
3.Technology: Mcrowave Sensor: 24.125GHZ
Maximum mounting height: 4m
Installation degree: 0 to 90 degree (Portrait); -30 to +30 degree (Horizontal)
Maximum switching voltage: 42VAC-60VDC
Maximum switching Current: 1A Cable length: 2.5M Keep time: 0.5s
Outer color: Silver gray or Black
Power: 12V ∽ 30VAC +/- 10% (50HZ ∽ 60HZ)
Size: 116 (L) * 72 (W) * 50 (H) mm

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DS 001 Premium Door Microwave sensor 75.00

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Product DetailsJust bought a pet? The i3 Pet Door Set is an add-on accessory to your existing Autoslide unit. This pack includes 2 Collar ID Tags and 1 magnetic Pet Sensor (hard-wired to the Autoslide drive unit). Simply learn the sensor to your Autoslide unit and programme the Pet Mode opening and viola! You now have an automatic sliding pet door!

The i3 Pet sensor only needs to be mounted on one side of the door.(same side where Autoslide is installed). Clip the Collar ID tag to your pet’s existing collar. When the Autoslide system is set on Pet Mode, the sensor will activate a pet open when a Collar ID tag is within a 12 inch radius.

Only pets wearing the magnetic Collar ID Tag will be able to activate the sensor. More than 2 pets? Additional Collar ID Tags sold seperately.

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