Premium Safety Beam Sensor

Premium Safety Beam Sensor


Premium Safety Beam Sensor

Microcomputer control technology, system integration is high, strong stability.
International Universal optical lens design, focus, controlled angle is rational, easy to install on the radio.
Send and receive a special code using microcomputer technology, transmitting and receiving range, anti-interference ability.
From Germany to receive filtering, decoding, amplification system, effective solution to anti-interference of natural daylight.
Emission head adopts low-power high pulse emission technology, transmission distance, low power consumption, long life for the lens.

A single group or two groups split lens connected transceiver input, connection and good shielding Available with a beam of light, can also be a controlled double-light.

Technical data:

  • Material – Plastic
  • Supply power: AC/DC 12~36V
  • Static current:  25mA
  • Action current: 40mA
  • The maximum distance between the sending and receiving: 10m
  • NO or NC output contact:  0~1.5s (adjustable)
  • Outside in lines with the send wiring: 6m(blue)
  • Receive line: 6m(black)
  • Beam: Single beam or double beam
  • Working Environment temperature: -42℃~45℃
  • Working environment humidity: 10~90%RH
  • Appearance dimensions(Main controller): 123(L)x50(W)x32(H)mm
    Appearance dimensions(Lens head): 19(L)x13(D
  • Material: Plastic


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PSBS 001 Premium Safety Beam Sensor (Single Lens) 90.00
PSBS 002 Premium Safety Beam Sensor (Double Lens) 100.00

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M-218D Safety Beam sensor

Description of this M-218D Safety Beam sensor
1.Widely used for automatic door security, anti clamp, person or object can be accurately and reliably detected.
2.Current:45mA(stand by) / 86mA(operation) Output:contact 1A 24VDC
Power supply:AC/DC 12-36 Contact output status:Normally open/normally closed optional
3.Standard cable:(single cable)Length 5.5m
4.Light eye size:19(L)*13(Diameter)mm Controller size:105.5(L)*54.5(W)*28.5(H)mm
5.Single beam/double beam light automatic optional, flexible distance election.
6.Composed of a pair of transmitting and main controllers,has the advantages of long transmitting distance, flexible installation and flexible wiring of light eyes. Can effectively overcome the sensor from blind spots.


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 50 × 50 mm
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