Automatic Sliding Door Accessories

Automatic Sliding Door Accessories


Automatic Sliding Door Accessories

  • Innovative A step ahead of all other known technologies
  • Elegant and stylish Compact size
  • Quick to install Real “Plug-n-play”
  • Reliable Less mechanical parts, less wear
  • Easy to maintain Less mechanical elements: no pulleys, belts or clamps…
  • Safe and durable


  • Infrared Sensor
  • Push button (wired or wireless)
  • Touch-less switch
  • Automatic Lock

Suitable Door Types

  • Aluminium Doors
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Timber Doors (Solid, Hollow and MDF)

Automatic Cavity Sliders

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Automatic Sliding Door System | Premium Sliding Doors | Aluminium Sliding Door

Automatic Cavity Sliders | Automatic sliding doors has been a vital addition to the building industry. We have taken existing motorised door design and made it more reliable, programmable and functional. CS can supply a complete system including design and commission.

Our automatic sliding doors are suitable for a wide variety of building types, from offices and residential buildings to retail environments and transit centers. They are compact, durable, and energy efficient, and can be customised and enhanced with a variety of security and safety options.

Our Automatic Cavity Sliding (ACS) door systems are fully custom made to suit your specific project requirements. We use the products from our high quality Standard (STD) Cavity door system, together with advanced smart automation to achieve a fully automated cavity sliding door system, that suits both Glass and Timber door blades up to 120kg. Smooth Door Systems works in partnership with the company Auto Ingress to achieve your specific automated cavity sliding door solution.


Automated cavity slider and pivot door solutions. Individually designed parts provide reliability and functionality. CS Automation can provide a high quality automated door solution for residential, commercial, architectural and healthcare projects.

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